«Bike Control» by Swiss Cycling – Technical MTB-Skills Workshops designed for kids and school-classes


On a nasty Saturday afternoon, beginning of March , the second Group of MTB Guides of the day has gathered in Grenchen at Velodrome for the BOB – training course . Theo Stauffer , director of the Bob – program welcomed all of us in the auditorium of the Velodrome and explained to us in half an hour , the main theory -Facts about the Parcour and it’s potential participants as well as administrative information for the BoB-program.

After this short theoretical introduction , we moved into the parking lot in front of the Velodrome, where the instructors had already built up in the morning the obstacle course.

 The whole obstacle course has space in a medium-sized car trailer , and can be installed in different modes (eg . School classes mode / Event mode etc.) . To learn more about these assembly and disassembly possibilities we divided into 2 groups and looked at mechanisms closer . In the following two hours our Instructors have demonstrated how to safely navigate thru the various elements (teeter-totter, track-line, Limbo bar etc.). They teached us how to give the participants support / help in addressing the various elements / obstacles . As always when working with children in the sports area , the exercises should one thing above all: fun. Therefore we trained various “games” and difficulties, to challence the advanced cyclists. Because for once, all course participants were bike pros, it was very natural that after a couple of minutes new enhanced excercises were implenmented in to the program, we all had a great time while freezing our toes to death 🙂

In the summer of 2016, our Tracker Al ‘ will guide and co-guide the BoB courses from Swiss Cycling in the region of Bern & Davos . More information on booking and appointments can be found here.


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