«Bike Ranch» Kamloops, British Columbia

Sandy, Dusty, nasty!


Facts & Figures

Date: Mai 2011 / August & September 2012

Location: CAN -> BC -> Kamloops -> Bike Ranch, Juniper Ridge

Number of Trails: 5

Operating Hours: Public, year-round accessible

Condition: Excellent!

Terrain: Sandy, dusty, extremely tacky if moist,

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Pro / Experts

Fees: Free of Charge

Accommodation: Many motels along the Hwy 1 located a few minutes from the Bike Ranch, also is light-camping in the parking lot at the bottom of the ranch possible with a Van!

Participants: Dude, Pete, Dani, Mätti, Luisa, Dion


The Kamloops Bike Ranch is located a few minutes from the city center of Kamloops in the area Juniper Ridge (a public bus runs past it!). The Bike Ranch itself has a vertical drop of 130m and offers numerous Freeride & Downhill Trails (beginner-expert). In the starting area at Juniper Ridge u will find an Olympic BMX Race-Track, at the bottom of the Bike Ranch located u’ll find a generous dirt and slopestyle zone including a foam pit (not always accessible!). In addition, several enduro trails lead in to backcounty starting up at the BMX facility. A local small icehockey stadium and a large car parking mark the lower end of the Bike Ranch.

Since Kamloops is located in a desert / dry steppe environment, it is recommended to shred (specially in summertimes) in the mornings or evenings. Shredding at mid-day-times may get unbearably hot. The Bike Ranch is designed, shaped and maintained by professional headshapers, some known as co-founders of big mountain freeriding, taking credits in the international mountainbiking scene. Thus, the trails are always in top condition, and some of the expert-trails include those desired do- or die-elements which shouldn’t be missed by good riders at one of the birthplaces of the freeride mountain biking. Since all trails are very short (1.1Km), still killing some altitude, it is advisable to arrange a shuttle. This can be booked with a local company either, or u organize it yourself with friends and locals. Furthermore, you can if traveling alone, often times catch a shuttle ride by hitchhiking! In Kamloops every other person drives a pick-up truck and has enough space in the back, to take a downhill bike with them. The Hitchhiker mentality of Canadians is also a benefit and you get usually within minutes a ride.


I spend during the summers  2011 & 2012 several months in British Columbia Canada, for freeride- and downhill mountainbiking. While the big bikeparks like Whistler and the Northshore of Vancouver ar well known and described, I discovered my favorite spots more in the interior of B.C, like the Thompson River and the Okanagan Valley. Within a 1-3h drive u can reach areas such as SunPeaks Bike Park, Harper Mountain, Kamloops (Bike Ranch and much more!), Silver Star Bike Park Vernon, Kelowna, Williams Lake.

After i spend several days at the Bike Ranch, and after I got used to the extremely dusty or tacky Dirt, I hit all the different lines in the Bike Ranch, including the Pro-Lines. However, some stunts I had to skip to the end, because they were just HUGE. Nice to have: a local shredder knowing the necessary speeds to get over the gaps! Unfortunately, I have never seen anyhone who had shredded these elements. When I explored the area around the Bike Ranch, I discovered several man made jumps (belittlement: actually they were kickers) seen in famous Mountainbike film segments before (New World Disorder 10, Strength in Numbers uA.)



* * * * * * * ** (8/10)

The Kamloops Bike Ranch is one of my favorite spots in BC for freeride- and slopestyle-/dirtbiking. This spot offers: Easy access, open year-round, free of charge, perfectly shaped trails and big stunts. Unfortunately, the trails are rather short and your session really only gets some flow if you have a shuttle.



  • BikeRanch – Official Homepage Kamloops Bike Ranch
  • Tourism Kamloops – More Information, Clips and Pics of Kamloops Bike Ranch
  • Bicycle Cafe – Local Bikeshop, few minutes off the Bike Ranch. Everyone working there is dedicated to the freeride-community of Kamloops. I can recommend the place for any services, bike parts and particularly (if u’re nice :)) u can get some insider-information on trails, hidden stuff and all-in-all conditions
  • Spoke Bike & Ski – Local Bike & Ski Shop, ask for Randy! What u can’t find in the Bicycle Cafe u will definitely find here… though it’s on the other side of town