«the more skillz you have, the less (stuff) you need»

Founder & Owner Alpine Tracker | Certified Outdoor-Guide | Adventurer


Name: Alan Blank Favorite nature elements: «Mountains», «Snow» and «Forests»
Nickname: Al’ / Al’Pine Favorite Food: «Home cooked meals» if possible local and organic grown!
Year Born in: 1987 Favorite place: «Out-there» & «Up-there»
Living in: Bern Favorite thing to do: «beeing active & creating» & «beeing passive and observing / learning»

Accomplished outdoor-guide related trainings:

MTB (Swiss Cycling Mountain Bike Guide)
Basic MTB Guide (Level 1)
 | Technique, Methodology,  Didactics (TMD1) |  J+S Basic Training MTB Guide

Snowsports (Swiss Snow Sports)
SSS Kids-Skiinstructor, SSS Skiinstructor (Level 1), SAC Ski Guide (Level I), J+S Supervisor Snowboard,


Medic & First Aid: SRK Healthcare Assistant, Swiss Army Paramedic,

About me

Over the years, I’ve done many different (and life-teaching) jobs … from a banker, clerk, nightclub- & eventmanager, […] to a nightauditor, biketrailbuilder, skiinstructor and bikeguide … Said so, I appreciate most of all “not” working for money, but just being out there in the nature – learning new (survival) skills, doing a lot of outdoor sports (to play) and feeling alive…

I dedicate my working-time in the last couple years to quality more than to quantity. While I accomplished different professional trainings for the last few years, such as methodical instructing, outdoor-guiding, navigation, first-aid, search & rescue, wildlifecourses etc. I’m capable to connect many different skills and use the synergy  out of my experiences. I got swiss-canadian citizenship, which enables me to spend a lot of my time in Switzerland or in British Columbia. No matter what I do, my biggest goal is to adapt all my doing to a sustainable and environmentally respectful way.


  • What is your biggest accomplished dare? 
    To let go from the big illusion (matrix) and to follow my own dreams. I had to learn to question my education of the present dysfunctional economic-model (capitalism, consumption, egoism) and stay faithful in my own positive values.
  • Whom would you like to give props?
    My mentors, parents and friends… as well as everyone out there, trying to make this planet a better place…
  • When and where do you get caught while zapping?
    I don’t watch TV.  Though I appreciate a good movie or documentation on demand from time to time…
  • If so, where would you settle down?
    In a forest, a cabin, on a alp, a little lake.. somewhere off the grid in a community of similar minded people looking after each other…
  • What are the cornerstones of your guiding and instructing?
    The Art of Mentoring is my cornerstone in anything concerning knowledge and teaching.


At an average year, I’ll spend more than +200days privately or working somewhere on a mountain. The alpine terrain is my home, the nature is my inspiration and my outdoor activities are my way of experiencing and reconnecting to the nature…