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Alpine Tracker’s are certified outdoor-guides (MTB, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, wilderness trainers) and we are much more…

Alpine Tracker is a start-up organisation trying to connect outdoor-activity and tourism-interests with important sustainable- and sociocultural-related matters. We try to loosen up the philosophy of doing outdoor-sports for solely commercial or egoistic (adrenaline-rush-related) interests. We want to bring back the focus to individual growth, unique adventures and interaction with the nature. We also are working on new projects, to offer a variety of activities in the field of socio-cultural animation, to bring People (out of any Ethnicity, Gender, Generation and Life-Philosophy) together, re-connect them to themselves, each other and their surrounding.

The dedicated People within this project are working hard and abstain from many egoistic wishes for this world to be a better and fairer place for everyone. It’s why we trust in the “Alpine Tracker Codex” and want to offer our customers even more a pure (and sustainable) adventure. We offer you to experience (also, but) a lot more than only the adrenaline-kick of an adventure.

Maximum Safety, Sustainability & Quality are our top priorities – that’s why all of our guides and mentors bring a large Experience within their specialty-fields and are certified by the best and most recognized organisations and unions providing this specific kind of educations.


The Alpine Tracker project originated at Tracker Al’s endless curiosity for outstanding beautiful, ambitious and if possible hidden trails, Lines, tracks and paths out there in nature. Since we can explore this sensitive terrain in various different ways, we focus on sustainable and if possible un-motorised ways of exploration.

The blog-posts as well as the booking platform are aimed at those who share our dream of independent and sustainable outdoor guiding. The detailed tour-posts on the blog are designed for all mountain and Outdoorsport-, nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Our Posts should serve with actual tour reports, GPS log data, photos, videos, background information, reports, reviews, etc. as a source of inspiration and tools for their own missions. It is our declared goal to rise the quality of the individual contributions (data display, reporting, photography, filming, editing, etc.) constantly and professionalise in the coming years… 


AlpineTracker is a non-profit organization. We do not pursue any commercial objectives. For us there are topics such as ecological sustainability, social justice and the connection between man and nature at the top of our list of priorities. We support charitable projects
And stand for fair wages. We are against personal enrichment and profit. We are against the mainstream. We engage professionally and privately for a sustainable life philosophy and support local organizations and associations financially or with voluntary work.

Alpine Tracker Codex

Alpine Trackers commit to be sustainably active in nature. Private as well as professional. They want to expand their physical and mental boundaries. They want to experience adventure.

Alpine Trackers live and move in harmony with our nature – leaving only their ephemeral traces behind them.

Alpine Trackers believe in the cycle of  biodiversity and see it as THE cornerstone of life. Therefore they arrange all their activities under the roof of sustainability and try to close this cycle by their actions. They try to slow-down life and take a deep breath while their on an adventure, rather than accelerate and optimize life.

Alpine Trackers will not change the course of the world by tomorrow to the positive – but they try to contribute an important part about their lifespan. 

Alpine Trackers always opt for Community & Safety instead of egoism and performance.

Alpine Trackers try to inspire other people by their actions rather than by their tattle.

Vocabular explanatory notes..


Adjective [nicht steig.]

  1. (im) Hochgebirge.
    “eine alpine, besonders sensible Landschaft/Vegetation”
  2. Sport
    als Sportart so, dass es im Hochgebirge durchgeführt wird.
    “die alpinen Disziplinen des MTB-Sports”


Nomen [nicht steig.]

der Fährtensucher  Pl.: die Fährtensucher


Als Natursport (auch Freiland-, Freiluft- oder englisch Outdoor-Sport) wird jede selbst bestimmte Bewegungshandlung in der freien Landschaft bezeichnet, die eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Natur und/oder mit sich selbst in der Natur ermöglicht.

Den Natursportarten zuzurechnen sind auch einige Funsport– und Trendsportarten, z.B. Mountainbiken und Wellenreiten, sowie Extremsportarten (z.B. Freeriding, Freeclimbing etc).